Is there any reason why you decided to do both Graphic Design and illustration? (Racheal Stayman)

I love both of them, they are in some ways seamless, and in other way completely different. There is certainly more design involved with illustration than there is illustration in design. I enjoy playing the two off each other, and it creates interesting and dynamic projects. It also means there is a range and variation in the type of work I do. One day i could be designing a book, and the next day drawing on the ceiling somewhere.

How distinct do you think art and design are as disciplines – how would you define what makes your work one or the other? How would you place what you do? (Sarah Dawson)

Hmmm ... these boundaries are blurred more and more these days, so this is a hard one to answer. Art and Design are interchangable. I would call myself and artist/designer/illustrator its mostly just pigeon holing, it doesn't matter where people put you, you are still doing the same thing.

Would you consider yourself for most a graphic designer?

Yes for most, but I am an Art Director too, and a illustrate as well.