Do you think people are afraid of working outside a traditional company structure? (Simone Baird)

Yes, as there is no guarantee, no support, or back up. Nobody to hold your hand or tell you what to do. I think if you have the confidence to do things by yourself and have methods of getting help when you need it you will be fine. I found when I started off I did ask questions and help from my colleagues and friends who were also in the industry. I still do it today, If I am entering a new market or working on a challenging project, I am never too proud to call and ask advice. I do a lot of research through out my working week, which includes just chatting and meeting up with like minded people or professionals to discover more about the area I am working in. Most of all it is important to be professional and represent yourself, as if you were representing a company.

What are the worst mistakes people make when approaching other people for help? (Simone Baird)

Not actually asking specific questions. Just overloading people with a general need for advice doesn't really allow for quick or efficient answers or support. Specific questions are much easier and more beneficial to learn from.

How do you stay positive? (Danielle Self)

Keep focused, ultimately every industry is competitive, don't worry about the people worrying about not getting jobs, let them worry - you just stay focused and work as hard as you can to build your portfolio whilst you are still at school. People who talk about how hard it is, tend not to bother trying. Once you are on the way, you'll be fine. Just spend your time developing your ideas, whether thats finding good typefaces to work with, building your own type faces, experimenting with colour palettes, or drawing. All those things will help you succeed. Most of all stay confident in what you do, and get stuck in.