What's your actual working process? (Rory Mackie)

sit down at my desk - get a bit of paper, sketch out a basic framework, pencil in some type or whatever it is i am drawing, and then go at it straight away with my pens, there is no point of being scared of it. never start again if something goes wrong, i like to work something until it is finished, even if that process i quite pain staking.i think you get a better result than starting afresh. I like to work little areas to perfection, and then spend time joining them together so that the whole thing looks obsessively detailed.

How much of a role does music play in your work, does it inspire you directly when you sit down to do a drawing? (Rory Mackie)

Music is my work partner. freelancing is a very lonely occupation, so music keeps me up, working, and focused. plus its the whole reason i got into this line of work so i owe it the biggest debt.

Do you go through the same working process with each client or does it differ from job to job? (Hannah Whitmore)

Usually its the same, think, talk, write, draw.