Does your passion pay the rent?

For sure it does, at home and at the office!

Is there anything you find really difficult about your profession? (Racheal Stayman)

Sitting at a desk, its destroying my spine. Self employment means you have to pay a lot of tax. I hate tax. Giving your hard earned money to the government is never going to be easy. I'm not looking forward to April this year.

Firstly, do you ever stop? Your catalogue of work and clients so far is completely intimidating, but what has been the most exciting project you’ve been involved with in the last three years? (Kirsten Cowie)

Hmm - most exciting was Cadburys, compared to the work I had had before this was a giant leap. It was a dream to do billboards, I think a couple weeks before I had said to my friend - " I really want to do a billboard" she was like, "Yeah right! Like thats going to happen" - but it did!

Would you say that you are a workaholic? (Rory Mackie)

no, but the first sign is denial right?
i am definately a workaholic. I am addicted to what i do. But isnt that the sign of a great job?